Welcome to the 2022-23 school year! Here in Highland Park, IL it has been a summer of reflection, resilience, awareness, togetherness, remembrance, empathy, inspiration, motivation, gratitude, and much, much more.

The unthinkable events of July 4th have reminded us that there is a lot of work to be done here, in this country and around the world. We strive today and every day to be a productive part of that positivity and change.

Please see our program offerings, through which our mission has always been to provide a safe and healthy space for all kinds of learners and backgrounds to feel success, to feel understood, and to feel respected. Let us head into the upcoming school year better prepared to address the emotional and learning needs of all students so that they may grow into happy, healthy, positive, and peaceful members of the community and the world.


Does turning more pages or memorizing lists of fact really signify the acquisition of learning?

Mummies and Masterpieces has been creating museum programs for over 28 years. We are based in Illinois and available worldwide.

Mummies and Masterpieces is aligned with Common Core Learning Standards. We enhance learning through museum collections and our programs consist of virtual or in-person slide discussions, hands-on art workshops, and/or museum visits. We service religious schools and institutions, secular schools, private schools, home schools, day care programs, community centers, park districts, libraries, high schools, colleges, graduate schools, senior centers, hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. Our programs take place at your educational institution, at a local museum or online. The programs can be one-time experiences or a series of workshops.

Exciting things are happening at Mummies and Masterpieces!