ZOOM Virtual Museum Visit

Nursery and Pre-K:
20 minutes: $120
30 minutes: $180
40 minutes: $240

Kindergarten-3rd Grade:
60 minutes: $360

4th-12th Grade:
75-90 minutes: $540.

ZOOM Virtual Museum Visit and Hands-On Art Workshop

(supplies prepared and shipped to school or organization in advance)


In-Person Slide Discussion and Hands-On Art Workshop

40 minutes: $290
50 minutes: $360

50 minutes: $360

Kindergarten-3rd Grade
60 minutes: $430

4th -12 Grade
75-90 minutes: $600

50% deposit due one month before program. Full balance due on the day of program delivery. Thank you for understanding that this payment schedule enables us to prepare and provide the best experience possible within your requested dates. Please note that costs are per class, and we do not combine classes. While we do not offer school-wide or grade-wide assemblies, we have had great success with our large-scale events. These programs have proved to be a better fit for various ages, abilities and/or learning styles and provide an opportunity for every child to participate in a meaningful and hands-on way. Costs are per-child and more information could be obtained by contacting us at info@mummiesndmasterpieces.com