Mummies and Masterpieces works with students of all ages! 



For community centers, libraries, religious institutions, senior centers, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, hospitals and more.

Museums Around the World

Join us for a one-hour interactive discussion about works of art from worldwide museums!

Choose from:

* 60-minute slide discussion

* 90-minute slide discussion, followed by hands-on art experience

One-time programs or up to 15 weekly sessions available!

In-Person or Virtual

Ask about our intergenerational option!

Featured museums include:

The Rijksmuseum, The Vincent van Gogh Museum, The Hermitage, The Museum of Modern Art, The Musee D’Orsay, The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, The National Gallery of Art (Washington, DC), The John Paul Getty Museum, The Louvre Abu Dhabi, The British Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Oriental Institute, The Louvre and The Art Institute of Chicago

60 minute slide discussion: $450.00

90 minutes slide discussion, including hands-on workshop: $450.00 plus $10.00 per participant




Differentiated Instruction Workshop for Teachers

Alternative ways to teach your curriculum and reach all kinds of learners.

The workshop includes:

  • An interactive activity and 5-minute video, sensitizing teachers to the unique qualities of all kinds of learners
  • A brainstorming session, offering practical applications of alternative teaching methods for all educators.  We will highlight the field of museum education and ways in which to enhance learning through visual, hands-on experiences.


Differentiated Instruction Workshop for Parents

What kind of learner is your child? Visual? Auditory? Kinesthetic? Does your child feel success in school? Has your child been labeled as a behavior problem? Perhaps this is because specific needs are not being met and your child is trying to let us know that the learning needs to happen in a different way.  This workshop will enable parents to gain a better understanding of learning styles and gain information on how to better advocate for their children in school, in addition to setting up the best strategies for them at home and in the classroom.  

Both workshops available in person or virtually

60 minutes: $450.00