We are launching a series of 8 subscription boxes, which will uniquely enhance the themes of the Jewish holidays through worldwide museum masterpieces!

Appropriate for kids in grades K-4.

Each Box Includes:

  • Prints of famous works of art within the theme of each Jewish holiday
  • Age-appropriate information on select artists and artwork
  • Learning-to-look games
  • Instructions and all art materials for unique, hands-on, creative experience

Children Will:

  • Learn about different cultures, famous artists and art styles from around the world and throughout time
  • Make connections between Jewish holiday themes and history’s greatest art masterpieces
  • Engage in different entryways to learning through visual, hands-on experiences
  • Sharpen critical thinking skills
  • Strengthen self-expression and expressive language skills through art history and art making
  • Experience success, pride, and confidence through their own artistic creations

Full Series Includes:

  1. Rosh Hashanah: Apples in Art
  2. Rosh Chodesh: The Moon in Art
  3. Chanukah: Light in Art
  4. Tu B’Shevat: Trees and Fruit in Art
  5. Purim: Masks and Costumes from Around the World
  6. Pesach: Ancient Egyptian Paintings, Architecture, and Decorative Arts
  7. Shavuot: Sheva Minim/7 Species in Art
  8. Yom HaAtzmaut: Israel in Art
  9. Boxes ship the week of September 3, 2003.
  10. FREE SHIPPING with the purchase of all 8 boxes.
  11. Currently available to ship in the US only.


Music at the Met: This unique celebration of music provides a fascinating look at the Musical Instrument Department, as well as paintings and sculptures in the vast collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Alef Bet Met: An “I SPY” scavenger hunt adventure around The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Geared towards young learners of Hebrew language.

“Yummies” and Masterpieces: A visual feast of food in art from the most famous museums in the world. Age-appropriate recipes inspired by each work of art will deepen learning and engage children in meaningful, multi-sensory experiences.

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