Parent/Tot Visual Arts
(for children ages 24-36 months and their favorite adult)

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Art provides many valuable learning experiences for toddler-age children, including problem-solving and self-expression.  This is particularly important for two-year-old children, since their language skills are not yet fully developed.  Join us for 45 minutes of exploration, where we focus on the process (as opposed to the product) of drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, printmaking, and more!  Resources for parents on each medium and its relevance to toddlers will be available each week. Topics will be enhanced by an appropriate children’s picture book, museum masterpiece, song, game, puppet activity and snack.  Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind class!  We look forward to meeting you!
Available for 4-10 week sessions.

3-4 -Year Olds
(these classes can be offered with or without an adult)

Pre-School Visual Arts:

Join us as we explore  various art media for ONE FULL HOUR together!  The time will pass quickly as we delve into the world of drawing, painting, collage, printmaking and more.   Each weekly theme will be enhanced by an age-appropriate museum masterpiece discussion, game, puppet activity, art-related picture book, song and snack.  Our classes always focus on the PROCESS of creating art, as opposed to the PRODUCT.  Resources for parents on each medium and its relevance to pre-school children will be available each week.  We look forward to greeting you at this exciting class!
Available for 4-10 week sessions.

Once Upon a Picture:  In this one-hour class children hear stories, study illustrators’ styles, and create their own artwork in the style of the illustrators.  The goals of this program are to provide another way for children to connect with books, increase children’s awareness of how art fits together with the words of a story, and familiarize children with illustrators’ styles.
Available for 4-10 week sessions.

Children in Art:  Leave your passports at home – we are bringing the museums to you!  Join us as we take a virtual trip around the world to visit famous works of art about CHILDREN.  Each week we will learn about a different masterpiece and the artist who created it through fun discussions, learning-to-look games and hands-on art projects. All discussions are inquiry-based and all projects are process-based.  Artists studied will include Francisco de Goya, Mary Cassatt, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Vincent van Gogh and more.
Available for 4-10 week sessions.


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