It is with great excitement that Mummies and Masterpieces announces its global expansion!


Mummies and Masterpieces is a program that enhances Judaic and Secular curricular themes through museum collections.  Programs include developmentally appropriate slide shows, art projects and museum visits for students of all ages and abilities.  Our programs are unique in that they are a departure from the traditional way of teaching, and were inspired by the educational ideas set forth by Mel Levine, Howard Gardner and George Hein.  For example, in order to enhance the Bible theme of the Israelites in Egypt, the holiday theme of Passover, or the national social studies standards of Ancient Egyptian Civilization, a visual and hands-on Mummies and Masterpieces program would include a slide discussion of ancient Egyptian artifacts, a related art project and an optional follow-up museum visit. This is just one example of the curricular themes that are offered through Mummies and Masterpieces.


Based in Highland Park, IL, Mummies and Masterpieces has served educational institutions in IL, NY, NJ and CT for the past neneteen years.   We are now ready to train Jewish and Secular educators around the world so that we can reach students beyond the east coast and the midwest area.


We are looking for educators with a PROGRESSIVE philosophy who are professional, worldly, reliable and excited about what they teach.  The ideal Mummies and Masterpieces educator is one whose goal is to open the minds of his/her students as opposed to lecturing to them or at them.  He or she also values quality over quantity and understands that hearing and discussing the opinions of the students is much more important than “getting through the material”.  Finally, s/he would never consider uttering the words, “Let’s see whose project is the nicest” or “That doesn’t look finished. Why don’t you put more colors into your painting?” S/he understands that each program is an opportunity for him/her to teach the students as well as learn from them.  The Mummies and Masterpieces educator should truly understand the meaning of teaching a child according to his/her way and understanding ALL of the multiple ways in which a student encompasses “intelligence”.


The information below will help you regarding your questions about Mummies and Masterpieces.


What to Expect:

  • You will be hired as a part time employee.  If we get many requests for the same age and theme in your city and you are available to teach these programs, you will have many part time bookings, which could lead to full time hours.


  • You will get paid per program.  Programs vary depending on the age of the students and the length of the program.  Toddler and Preschool programs run for 45 minutes-1 hour.  Elementary School programs run for approximately 75 minutes.  Middle School, High School and adult programs run for approximately 90 minutes.  Payment for educators vary and depends on level of education and number of years’ teaching experience.  Payment can run between $20.00-$60.00 per program and will be decided on upon hiring.  This does not include preparation time or travel time, unless either of these turns out to be excessive.  In that case, fair compensation will be decided upon with the Director.  We do not currently offer benefits for part time employees.


  • Educators receive reimbursement for tolls, parking lot fees and supplies (in case they need to purchase something at the last minute).  You will be asked to retain all receipts and send them to Mummies and Masterpieces.


  • Due to the fact that we are headquartered in Illinois and our programs will be run around the world, preparation for programs are done by the educator in his/her own home.  Information regarding programs, slides, and all necessary art supplies will be shipped to the educator’s home with enough time for the educator to prepare for the program.


  • Training will take place through various methods: printed teacher guidebooks, online video, Facebook, yahoogroup discussions, and in some cases, group sessions based in Chicago and/or NY.   Please note that no educator will ever be sent into a classroom before s/he feels absolutely comfortable with the material and the logistics of the program.  You should ENJOY your classes, learn from the material and from the students, and experience excitement and satisfaction at the end of each program.


  • All educators will need to have a criminal background check done by their state police (Federal Bureau of Identification), Pre-Employment Drug Tests by a local lab (we have a contract with a national drug testing lab), and random drug testing throughout the time that they are employed by Mummies and Masterpieces. All costs for tests are paid by Mummies and Masterpieces.




How to Apply:


If you are interested in joining us and bringing Mummies and Masterpieces programs to your community, please contact us with the following information:


*     A current resume

*     A cover letter describing why you see yourself as a good fit for Mummies and Masterpieces

*     Three letters of recommendation from former employees, preferably from those in educational institutions (principals, co-teachers, college or graduate mentors, fieldwork advisors). These letters should stand as examples of your good character, degree of responsibility/professionalism, and your unique teaching style.

*     Two digital videos of yourself  via e-mail, attached file, or weblink. These videos should be used as ways in which you can demonstrate your manner with your students, knowledge of material, classroom management, and way in which you engage your students and encourage them to explore and think on their own. VIDEOS ARE OPTIONAL, BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

            Time: Videos should be a minimum of 10 minutes and (as much a we love to view great educational sessions) a maximum of 20 minutes.

            Topics:   Your topic can be that of Jewish or general studies, science, language, social studies, etc.   The most important thing for us to see is how you bring something you love to the eyes and minds of your students. While knowledge in art history is extremely important, it is not critical at  this time.  If you are asked to join the Mummies and Masterpieces team, you will be properly prepared to teach about works of art through our training sessions.

            Grades:  Again, the choice is up to you. We provide programs for toddlers through adults.  One of the videos MUST be of a lesson that took place within a grade/age with which you would eventually want to work. Need a topic? We will send you a link to a museum image. You may teach your lesson based on this image.

Where to send information: Please send all information to Lauren Perlman


            If you are choosing to mail your information, digital files can be sent on CD or DVD.

            All information will be kept and updated within a file, so feel free to send your information as it becomes available. You may also send everything all at once, if you prefer.


            What’s Next?  After your application file is complete, you will be contacted and asked to either set up a phone interview or to apply again at a later date.