We are thrilled to announce that we are now able to offer new and exciting FAMILY FAIRS to our clients. We have altered our programs to accomodate large groups (up to 350 participants) for fundraisers, school kick-off programs, park district events, library events, and more!

Topics include:

Art of Many Cultures
Children in Art
Animals in Art
Music in Art
Dance in Art
Stories in Art
Math in Art
I Spy ABCs in Art
People, Places and Spaces in Art
Seasons in Art
Circus in Art
Fashion in Art
Sports in Art
Feelings in Art
Masks and Costumes from Around the World
Wild, Wild West
Art of the Ancient Near East
Art of Ancient Egypt
Art of Greece and Rome
Art of Africa
Art of Asia
Art of India
Art of China
Art of Japan
American Art
Colonial American Paintings, Sculpture and Decorative Arts
Medieval and Renaissance Art
Spanish Art
French Art
Art of the Holocaust
Arms and Armor
Islamic Art
African American Artists
Native American Art
Ancient American Art
Art of the Twentieth Century
Presidential Portraits
Women in Art
Famous Female Artists
Art of Horace Pippin,  African American Artist
Fashion in Art
STEAM: Artists who were scientists, inventors and engineers
Math in Art
Famous Cities in Art
Sports in Art
Masks and Costumes from Around the World
Musical Instruments from Around the World
Impressionism and Post Impressionism
Customized program on specific artist, time period, art medium, permanent or visiting exhibit at local museum


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